Hackathon – The Most Efficient way to boost your Skills.

Before we get into the actual content, Let me ask you all a question.

What was your first impression of the word Hackathon? Personally, I thought of it a term that refers to a security breach on a computer!

So if that’s what you thought of too, then let me help you in pitching your concept.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon often referred to as a codefest, is either a one-day or days-long coding competition. A hack-a-thon is a social event where individuals and community members come together and solve problems.

The positive environment build in such events encourages Creative thinking and leads to new and creative concepts, ideologies and prototypes
It is impossible to overestimate the value of collaboration.
It’s critical, particularly under such circumstances

The positive environment build in such events encourages Creative thinking and leads to new and creative concepts, ideologies and prototypes.

Various organizations including the Education Ministry of India conduct physical as well as virtual Hackathons. This is done in order to promote Team building, Work ethics and to up-skill student community all across the world. Many companies conduct hackathons to interact with the developer community and reward them for their innovative ideas.

Why is everybody going for Hackathons?

Hackathons are events that are often stated as very interesting as well as competitive in nature. So if you want to test you problem solving ability, then participate in a Hackathon!

Everyone at these events is working towards the same goal, that is to develop something that will function
Why hackathons?

Hackathons are unquestionably beneficial to one’s professional development. Everyone at these events is working towards the same goal, that is to develop something that will function. Being a part of such events helps you become more conscious of your own skills, also boosting your confidence in the process.

Advantages of participating in a Hackathon

There are a lot of advantages of being a part of a Hackathon, some of which are –

1. Learning new skills by experimenting

If you all remember, Experimenting was a human being’s initial method of learning. Life is a course of experiments that we must uncover in order to succeed. You may read a hundred books about driving a car, but you won’t learn how to drive one until you get behind the wheel. Coding is similar to this, you won’t learn unless you explore. Doing This will also help you test and improve your problem-solving skills

2. Soft skill enhancement

When you share your ideas with your team and present your project in front of so many highly skilled people, your communication will enhance to a whole new level. With this, you will also develop the ability to be adaptive and flexible in your approach. Being a part of Hackathons can improve presentation, collaboration, and team-player abilities alongside learning new technologies and tools.

3. Networking

Imagine a second scenario of being surrounded by like-minded people? How excited would you be to interact and learn from them? Just think about how you can learn from each other in just those 2-3 days and build a connection for a lifetime! Hackathons give you the opportunity to network, meet, and cooperate with IT experts that are currently employed or work for top organizations. Networking can be a great way to grow in your field and get acknowledged for your contributions to the project.

4. Getting mind-blowing start-up idea’s

What is the essence of a start-up? Identifying the pain points and developing a solution, isn’t it? Then what better than a HACKATHON for it, where there are so many problems presented and pondered that you are bound to get a few new ideas. Student hackathons are quickly gaining popularity as a way for students to begin their careers. Student hackathons have spawned a slew of successful businesses. Hackathon is a wonderful method for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to develop the initial version of their big idea, which can then be commercialized.

5. And most importantly HAVING FUN

HACKATHON’s are synonymous with ultimate fun. Hackathons are the best way to get started for most of the programmers out there. It will be challenging and yes you’ll get stressed. But after so many rigorous mind-exhausting sessions the happiness of solving a problem, in the end, will be immense. It is a situation that can’t be described in words. To get a sense of it, you’ll have to try it for yourself.

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Hackathons are overrated?
NO! Hackathons are challenging and fun Altogether!

This is your opportunity to learn and compete at the same time.
They are the best way to check as well as enhance your coding skills.
Personally, I really think all of you should definitely come forward and participate in such events. This is a must-do activity during your college time because this is when all of us are exploring where our interest lies.

At DoCoNation(Student Community) we often conduct such events. So for more details, you can check out our official website – https://doconation.com/

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