The Art of Journaling – Top 8 Types of Journals

So, How do you feel today? Did you come across anything interesting? Did you start watching a new drama or did you finish one? How many such lingering thoughts do you have running in your mind right now?

Most importantly, did you write all these thoughts somewhere? Did you capture these moments in a Journal?

Journaling can be made fun too!
Journaling can be made fun too!

We often relate journaling to Newspapers and magazines, but in reality it is so much more than just that. Journaling simply means having a written record of your thoughts. There are no given rules to write a journal which is why you have the freedom to choose the flow of your content.

No doubt there are many types of journals that can be written. This list can be really long and guess what, you can even create a journal type of your own!

Types of Journaling

Types of Journaling
Which type do you write?

Everyday Journals

This is the most common type of Journaling that all of us do. It requires no particular thought process. All your random ideas can be written in this journal. As the name suggests, the most common content seen in this type of journal is hour to hour and day to day activities that we indulge in.

Poetry Journals

Are you a poetic person or someone who can make meaningful and rhythmic sentences from the scratch? If yes, then this is the journal for you. These are journals where individuals either create their own poems or simply copy down their favorite poems of all times.

Travel Journals

How often do you travel? What’s your favorite vacation spot? Need a place to store all those memories? Then this is the place for you. You can use this type of journal to highlight all your travels. You can even write about your future traveling plans and the places you would like to visit in the future. So go and create your wish-list now!

Reading Journals

Do you ever read a book and there is a moment in the story that makes you want to stand up and cheer? or Are someone who likes reading books that come with a lesson to be learned, then this is exactly the place you would like to store all those lessons learned. Whether it’s about how the author created an interesting character or how they made you want to stay up until four in the morning reading, this is where you can write it all down.

Dream Journals

Are you planning on creating a parallel world for yourself? or Are you planning on going to Mars for a vacation? Well, this is the journal where dreams and expectations come to reality on a piece of paper, so no matter what you are dreaming for, you can get it all done here. So without any further delay, start creating a dream if you don’t have one yet and write it all down.

Food Journals

This type of jouranling is perfect for the foodies all around. Also if you are someone who plays the role of a food critique at home then this is for you too. You can write down about your experiences of the tastiest food that you have ever had in your life or the worst. If you wish to be a food blogger then this can help you in that too.

Art Journals

Maybe you’re more of a visual person. Well, all I can make is stick figures but I’m sure you are better at that too and if that’s the case then this journal is for you. These are probably the most beautiful and colorful journals you will ever come across.

Goal Journals

Is there something you want to achieve in life? Are you confused about the path you want to choose in the future? If yes, then this is the journal for you. Write down all your goals, writing them down will give you a clear image of what you actually want and what you have to do to achieve it. It will also help you prioritize them. So personally i think this is that one Journal that all of us should definitely have.

This indeed is a never ending list! Some other very common journals that you can write include movie journals, Meme Journals, Devotional Journals, Workout Journals etc.

I hope this gave you some clarity on the types of journals you can start writing on. So don’t wait for too long and start scribbling!

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