Windows 11 – UX Breakdown

Windows 11 has redefined its entire User experience with its super simple and clean new interface.
A decluttered, clean, and aesthetically pleasing new experience, is what we all desperately needed.

Most of the world now has turned to digital platforms for education and work, and this has dramatically increased the number of PC users. The new Windows 11 release is revolutionary considering the design, feel, and usability.

It is a whole new era of the digital age, wherein functionality, feel and personalization are the supreme foundations.
From the rounded corners to its snap group function, the magic is everywhere!

Although the User Interface has been given a complete makeover, the sense of familiarity is still intact, which proves that the design is just the right amount of disparate.

These changes have also brought in many customization options, which help the users to feel at home and simply make work feel effortless.

Functionality and Features.

Windows 11 - PC
Windows aesthetics


We see windows embracing the new glassmorphism design trend, which has been one of the biggest in the UX & UI industry.

The smoky glass effect gives a beautiful edge to the interface along with its other creatively mapped features.

The three types of materials used to achieve the glass effect are Acrylic, Mica, and Smoke.
These have been used, essentially to enhance the backgrounds of menus, flyouts, etc.

Glassmorphism first started emerging in the year 2020, when macOS launched their latest updated version.

Windows 11 - Glassmorphism
Frosted Glass Effect

Rounded Corners

The rounded corners bring about a sleek finish to the UI. The design industry has been swiftly moving towards minimalistic designs.

2021 is all about empowering the users, and providing them with a space that they enjoy working in, and adding soft corners is a major power move.

Rounded corners were brought in to decrease the cognitive load on users and assist the eyes to focus on the important elements.

Windows 11 - Rounded Corners
Smooth edges

New and improved Icons.

The new, modern icons in Windows 11 are simply magnificent.

The icons are not too different from the conventional ones, yet they are modified enough to bring a fresh look. They also contain a trace of gradient and the glass effect to achieve a somewhat 3D look.
The icons are extremely detailed and contain rounded corners as well.

Windows 11 - Icons

Centered Elements/Navigation

Since windows is a major part of our work-life, the idea behind centering all elements is to make it the center of our ecosystem, which not only makes it extremely functional but also makes work feel effortless.

The elements in the center are super accessible and also allow users to find the start menu in the center of their ecosystem.

Users generally focus on the elements that are at the center of the page, because elements aligned centrally have higher priority of focus in most cases.

Windows Home
Windows 11 Start Menu

Snap Layout

One of the best features, in the windows 11 update, is the snap group functionality, this is a real game-changer, which allows users to place different windows side-by-side, this improves work efficiency and multitasking.

The snap layout feature allows users to simultaneously use multiple windows at the same time, based on your screen size. This kind of flexibility in the work environment always leads to high rates of productivity.

Snap Layout


The system sounds in Windows have shown a gigantic improvement from the previously sharp and uncomfortable sounds. The upgraded sound effects instantly generate a soothing effect.


Widgets are a primary way of getting new information based on personal preferences for the user. It is necessarily a feed, powered by AI, which allows the users, to take a break from their continuous workflow without disrupting the layout. The widgets sheet pops up on the left side of the screen, with a similar glassmorphic theme.

Windows 11 Widgets

Themes and Customization

The customizations allow users, to change the taskbar view to left-aligned, based on their comfort. Windows 11, also comes with a variety of themes, that can be changed based on personal preferences.

The number or range of choices provided to the user is limited to a small number, but its thought is to make the process easier for the user. By providing them with enough alternatives, but not too many, MS Windows intends to decrease the cognitive dissonance on the users.

Windows 11 Personalization

Microsoft Store in Windows 11

The overall design of the Microsoft store has been completely rebuilt. The UI elements contain appropriate spacing and categorization.

The Microsoft Store is to integrate android apps in it. This will help users shift to their PCs completely, leaving phones as mere communication devices.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store

Conclusion – Windows 11

Every little change in interaction, surfaces, widgets, or even the sound, improves the user experience tremendously and makes a massive impact on the lives of windows users.
Although the developer build does bring along some bugs, the final release is expected to be stable.
We will find out soon enough whether or not Windows 11 will be breaking the cycle of alternate hits.

Click on the link below to learn more about the histroy of windows. 

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